A Global Review of Cannabis Regulation Models


The international cannabis prohibition system appears to be fragmenting. This chapter aims to provide a global review of the current picture of ‘legalisation’ and ‘decriminalisation’ initiatives, mapping what is happening, where and with what impact.

The first section reviews developments in the Americas, which has been the site of the most radical reform in the last decade. The next two sections review the situation in Europe and then in Oceania, Africa and Asia. The chapter then turns to examining the evidence on the impacts of the different regulatory approaches that have been implemented across the world.

In conclusion, the chapter takes stock of the current global situation and considers the way forward.

Seddon, T., & Floodgate, W. (2020). A Global Review of Cannabis Regulation Models. Regulating Cannabis: A Global Review and Future Directions, 15–83. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-52927-7_2

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